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Amenity ID Cards

Print and complete these documents to get the new Amenity Cards. Form 1 Form 2

Pool access for 2019!

Last year, the Board began phasing out the pool ID card and access card for a single, amenity ID card. This is the second year of a 2 year process to convert the nearly 14,000 people that call Eagle Springs home.

How do I access the pools for the 2019 season?

If you currently have an amenity card– No action is necessary.

If you do not have an amenity card – please gather all access cards and pool tags and visit the Onsite Office to obtain a new, single amenity ID card. All household residents who you wish to have a card need to be present to have a picture taken.

What if I do not use the pools, do I need this new ID card?

No, your access card will still open the splash pad, tennis courts, fitness center, and community restrooms. You will be unable to access the pools until this new ID card is obtained.

When can I obtain an amenity card?

You can obtain an amenity card at any time of the year.  Amenity cards are only issued during office hours, which are Monday through Thursday, from 1- 6 pm, and Fridays from 9 am to noon, and 1- 6 pm.  Amenity cards stay current year to year and do not require stickers to be valid.  Amenity cards can be “turned off” by management should residents fail to pay their HOA dues or move out of the community.


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