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Earth Day Tree Sale



Earth Day Tree Sale

Earth Day is April 22nd.  To celebrate this day, the landscape committee will sell trees this Spring from 10 am to 1 pm on Saturday, May 6th.  We will be located in the Eagle Springs Sports Complex parking lot.  The types of trees being sold are HOA approved for planting in your front and/or backyards during this event ONLY.  The landscape committee will have a giveaway.  We will have a sample of each type of tree on hand for you to see prior to purchase.  Trees will be delivered to the homeowner’s driveway.  Residents will be responsible for transporting and planting trees.  For more information about this event please visit insideeaglesprings.com.

Types of Trees offered: 15 gallon Live Oak, 15 gallon Magnolia, 15 gallon Red Bud and 15 gallon Crape Myrtle. The order form can be found here.

***Purchaser must obtain prior written approval for tree purchases that exceed more than 3 trees. Purchaser must also maintain compliance with the residential guidelines when purchasing trees during this event.  Only the planting of new trees is permitted during the event.  The replacement or removal of any existing lot trees is not permitted unless otherwise approved in writing by the board.***