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Speed Limit Petition

Proposal to Lower Residential Speed Limits to 20 MPH


To sign the petition, please click here.

For help in signing the petition, click here or please email ESTrafficStudy2018@gmail.com.

Many community members have voiced concern over cars driving too fast on residential streets. How can this be better addressed?

Currently all residential streets within the Eagle Springs Community have a speed limit of 30 MPH per Texas state law. However, this can be lowered to 20 MPH with a simple traffic study conducted by the county.


The county will conduct a traffic study, at no cost to members of the community, if it is requested by 51% of a subdivision. This would lower speed limits on residential streets only and NOT major thoroughfares. See this map - highlighted streets are considered thoroughfares.


If this is something you support, please click here and sign our petition! We need over 2000 signatures to get approval so every signature counts! You must be 18 or older and either an owner or a renter within Eagle Springs.


Still on the fence? Here are a few benefits of lowering the speed limit to 20 MPH:


  1. Safety for our kids and pets - Studies by AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety (here) and US Dept. of Transportation (here) show that average risk of a severe injury is reduced from 50% at 30 MPH to 25% at 20 MPH, and risk of death from 25% to 10%. These numbers do vary between the two studies, but what is cited here is the more conservative of the two.
  2. The constables have more power to monitor residential streets, stop speeding cars, and, eventually, redirect “cut-through” traffic from residential streets to main thoroughfares
  3. Eagle Springs streets are beautiful, but fairly narrow and winding and often have many cars parked in the street which limits a driver’s visibility. Reducing the speed limit will address these issues to make our streets a safer place.


If you have any questions or are interested in helping to get the word out, please email Molly at EStrafficstudy2018@gmail.com