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Outdoor String Lights



There has been a rise in use of outdoor string lights as an alternate source of lighting in peoples’ backyards.  Each Exterior Modification Request is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  However, we thought it would be helpful for the residents to know some guiding questions that influence the decision of whether outdoor string lights will be approved.


  • Installation
    • Do the lights look like they were installed intentionally?
    • Are there visible wires during the daytime that create an eyesore for your neighbors?
    • Are they wired to a switch or timer so that they do not remain on at odd hours?
  • Location
    • Are they in the backyard?
    • Are they located so close to your neighbors that they could potentially cause a nuisance?
    • Are they attached so high that they are visible several houses away?
  • Type
    • Are they colored lights?
    • Do they look like a holiday decoration?
    • Are they obtrusively bright?


Please note: Outdoor lighting is governed by sections 17 and 18 in the Guidelines.  The Board of Directors, by the authority of the governing documents, reserves the authority to review and approve applications for buildings, additions or improvements which are not explicitly described by these Guidelines, and to consider additional guidelines in the review process, whether published or not.

We hope this helps you understand the factors that influence the decision.  If your exterior modification requests were previously denied, and you believe it meets this guidance, we encourage you to resubmit it.


Thank you,

ESCA Board of Directors